Fishing Map of Lake Erie

Lake Erie Map Contents

This Lake Erie fishing map contains markers for public and private boat launch ramps, mouths of rivers, notable docks (yacht clubs and marinas for example), and underwater structure. It may also contain some of my recorded catches. These markers range from Cleveland, OH all the way to Toledo. It comes with no guarantee and is for informational purposes only.

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Lake Erie Public Boat Ramps

Lake Erie Reefs

  • Gravel Pit (map) at 41°45'0.00"N 83°14'0.00"W
  • Crane Reef (map) at 41°40'39.60"N 83°6'25.20"W
  • Turtle Reef (map) at 41°38'54.60"N 83°6'0.00"W
  • Locust Reef (map) at 41°38'42.60"N 83°3'55.20"W
  • Big Pickerel Reef (map) at 41°40'0.00"N -83°3'48.00"W
  • Cone Reef (map) at 41°40'0.00"N 83°2'45.00"W
  • Little Pickerel Reef (map) at 41°40'9.00"N 83°1'17.40"W
  • Flat Rock Reef (map) at 41°39'29.40"N 83°1'4.20"W
  • Toussaint Reef (map) at 41°37'56.40"N 83°1'2.40"W
  • Crib Reef (map) at 41°38'46.80"N 83°0'29.40"W
  • Round Reef (map) at 41°37'2.40"N 82°59'9.00"W
  • Niagara Reef (map) at 41°39'50.40"N 82°58'23.40"W
  • Clinton Reef (map) at 41°33'37.20"N 82°52'54.60"W
  • Northwest Reef (map) at 41°44'41.40"N 82°53'30.60"W
  • West Reef (map) at 41°42'42.60"N 82°50'47.40"W
  • Mouse Island Reef (map) at 41°36'22.20"N 82°50'9.00"W
  • Schoolhouse Reef (map) at 41°42'11.40"N 82°49'39.00"W
  • Sugar Reef (map) at 41.69755 -82.81714
  • Starve Island Reef (map) at 41°36'47.40"N 82°48'48.00"W
  • West Harbor Reef (map) at 41°34'41.40"N 82°48'23.40"W
  • Buckeye Reef (map) at 41.67194 -82.78689
  • Lakeside Reef (map) at 41°33'10.20"N 82°45'6.00"W
  • Marblehead Reef (map) at 41°31'51.60"N 82°40'30.00"W
  • Dumping Ground (map) at 41.46111 -82.36431
  • Lorain Mountain Reef (map) at 41°28'08.9"N 82°12'45.0"W
  • Lorain Polish Fisherman's Club Reef (map) at 41°28'05.0"N 82°12'43.2"W
  • Artificial Reef (map) at 41.46955 -82.21155
  • Little Test Reef (map) at 41°30'16.4"N 81°47'32.0"W
  • Cuyahoga County Commissioner's Reef (map) at 41°30'10.7"N 81°47'15.2"W
  • Big Test Reef (map) at 41°30'15.2"N 81°47'03.2"W
  • Stadium West 1 Reef (map) at 41°30'08.8"N 81°45'35.5"W
  • Stadium West 2 Reef (map) at 41°29'58.1"N 81°45'24.6"W
  • Stadium East Reef (map) at 41°35'55.8"N 81°33'48.7"W