My First Fishing Injury

This happened at a small pond in Southgate Park, which is connected to Boettler Park in Green, OH. This was some time ago, but I believe I was using a black slug on a Texas rig. I caught a good sized bass and went to unhook him when he flailed. The hook scraped across my thumb, leaving this cut. I’m looking at my hand as I write this and I can faintly see the scar.

This temporarily put my day of fishing on hold while I rushed back to my truck, which was more than half a mile away, to bandage it up. This injury didn’t stop me from going at it again. I continued to fish the rest of the day. I did learned a lesson though. I now keep at least a few bandages in my tackle bag.

Catch Data

Date Sunday, July 31, 2011
Species Largemouth Bass
Lure black slug on a Texas rig
Air Temperature Unknown
Water Clarity Clear
Location: Horseshow Pond in Southgate Park