Bass Fishing in Spring

Bass Fishing in Spring
Photo by Jon Sailer on Unsplash

Bass fishing in Spring can be one of the most exhilarating activities for the average bass angler. In spring, there is nothing better than fishing for bass, especially female largemouth bass protecting their nests. Calm air, warmth, a gentle breeze, and a sense of unity with nature - this is a feeling that not many experience. If you’re like me and you like bass fishing in any other season, then you will also enjoy bass fishing in Spring, too. I remember many days fishing in my younger years for bass throughout the year, but the freshness of spring always stood out for me as part of my best experiences. I highly recommend trying bass fishing, especially in the spring season.

Where to Find Bass in the Spring

What you need to remember about catching bass in the spring is that the temperature of the water begins to rise from the winter cold. Fish begin to become more active, as their metabolic rate increases with increasing temperature. This means that the bass leave deep water in search of food after a long winter. As a rule, bass can be found in relatively small places in search of food in abundance, and it can be a pleasure for the fisherman to find it.

Spawning in Spring

Spring is known as the “prespawn season”. There is no specific time in spring when the prespawning activities of the bass will occur. However, it mainly occurs at different times and at different temperatures during the season, typically as the temperature surpasses 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The pre-spawn season is classified by bass changes, as they are usually much less cautious in their hectic search for food, friendship, and spawning partners.

Bass Food in Spring

Several times a day, bass move back and forth in shallow water. So, finding them in shallow water can be easy. Bass tend to be aggressive in the spring towards creatures that attack the bass’s nest, such as crawfish, salamanders, bluegill, and other small fish. Eating these high-energy foods help them get the protein they need to achieve all the goals they set for the spawning season. Familiarizing yourself with the location of small areas of the pond, canal, or lake where you fish is always a good strategy for catching this giant bass.

Do Your Research

Also, get acquainted with the different food in the lake and hang out there. Finding those great crawfish areas is a foolproof way to find great bass. Look for trees, stumps, stone piles, or other rubbish that run from shallow to deep and fish this area. A good angler also gets to know the size of the bass’s food and chooses his or her fishing lure and rod accordingly to try to coax the fish. The best bait for bass fishing in spring is probably going to be something that mimics the look and movement of crawfish.

Bass fishing in Spring requires a little research from you, but in the end it is one of the most useful fishing seasons and a great way to spend time enjoying and learning about nature and explore lakes and other water bodies.